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February 08 2016


TheBugWatch - Don’t Get Stung This Summer!

Bug bands
Innovative brand generates a buzz with anti-mosquito range prior to summer 2016

Innovative brand TheBugCo™ has launched a selective array of vibrant coloured anti-mosquito wrist wear prior to the upcoming winter holiday.

Whether you’re yearning for that luxurious rare trip abroad or arranging a time out in a tent under the stars this summer, TheBugWatch™ is the latest convenient and health-conscious accessory you shouldn’t leave home without.

Using state-of-the art nanotechnology, the adjustable wristband includes one anti-mosquito BugBlock™ which releases nature’s most powerful insect repellent Citriodiol®. Simply position the BugBlock into the compartment and it will protect you and your little ones from irritating bug bites for about 15 days.

Obtainable in five funky colours - Midnight Black, Ice White, Green and the all new kids range in Blue Lagoon and Sunset Pink - the easy-to-use, water-resistant, fashionable range is perfect for those who don’t have time for toxic sprays and bad-smelling lotions!

For just €11.99 for TheBugWatch includes one BugBlock™ as well as €7.99 you can choose a pack of two BugBlock™ refills.

TheBugWatch looks set for being this summer’s must have accessory.

TheBugWatch comes to an end for grabs on www.thebugwatch.com TIME’S UP BUGS!

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